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APRIL 2024

Sunbeams - Dates for Summer 2024 sessions added. Go to the Calendar

New section in Footsteps - 'Growing in Faith.' This section will feature articles and links designed to help us learn more about our faith as we mature as followers of Jesus.We start with a topic which many folk find difficult - the apparent contradictions in prayer. 'Sunshine and Showers' will be explored in the coming weeks by our Cell Groups. Read more here.

Verse Of The Day - you can find this in Footsteps within the section 'Bible Verses and Quotes'. For a trial period a new verse will appear here each day to provide food for thought and reflection during that day. You can find it here

MARCH 2024

A reflection for Easter Sunday - 'The Women At The Tomb' From the Bible Society - Click here

A reflection for Good Friday -  'Jesus Dies On The Cross'  - Find it here

Sermon given by Revd David Haslam on Palm Sunday - 'Remembering Bishop Oscar Romero' - Click here to go to the new 'Written Word' pages.


Signs of Spring - nectarine blossom, broad beans and a hedgehog! See all the pictures here.

God's Foolishness - a reflection for the 3rd week of Lent - God's foolishness v human wisdom See this and other reflections here in Footsteps.

Cleansing The Temple - a helpful reflection from The Bible Society. "his 'cleansing of the Temple' is far more uncomfortable for Christians today than perhaps we realise." See it here in Footsteps.

A Thanksgiving Prayer - "walk with us, breathe with us, live within us......" Find all prayers & poetry here.

Even more photos for the Spring Gallery - thanks everyone and keep them coming! See the album here.

In addition to Thrive and the Weekly Notices, readings and hymns for each Sunday morning will now be posted as soon as available. From the Home page click on the Service title (usually Morning Worship) to see details. See Sunday 25th Feb. here.

Accepting Life as it is. A thought-provoking 5 minute reflection. Read it here

The Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr See it in Footsteps > Prayers and Poetry

More photos added to 'Signs of Spring' See the album here.

Eco Group page completed See it here.

Peace Like A River - Audio visual poem and Bible passage from Hopespaces.com Click here to find it.

Praying in the night - A meditation based on Mark Ch. 1 v 35 - 39 Click here to find it

Signs of Spring - new photo album addedSee it here.


Quick Prayer - "Pray as you can, not as you can't." Probably the most helpful 5 minute talk you will hear about prayer - highly recommended! Click here.

A Winter Prayer - "The days are short, but you, Lord, fill them with meaning."  Find it here.

A short Bible Society reflection on John 1 v 43-51 - "Come and see." Find it here

Shoppers' Service information page added. Find it here.

Shoppers' Service dates added to Church Calendar. What's Happening?

Sunday Evening Fellowship information page added. Find it here.

Sunday Evening Fellowship dates added to Church Calendar. What's Happening?


Come Lord Jesus, Come. A selection of hymns for Advent - removed.

3SW Information Page completed. Find it here.

Holy Communion Information Page completed. Find it here.

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