Reflections & Meditations

THE WOMEN AT THE TOMB - A short written reflection based on Luke 24. "All are one in Christ; the ground is level at the foot of the cross." (The Bible Society)


JESUS DIES ON THE CROSS - A reflection for Good Friday from Pray As You Go . "There is only the word of the centurion which tells us there is something to see here which is not an appaling failure"

CLEANSING THE TEMPLE - a helpful reflection from the Bible Society. "his cleansing of the templle is far more uncomfortable for Christians today than perhaps we realise"

GOD'S FOOLISHNESS - A reflection based on the Epistle for 3rd March (1 Corinthians 1 v 18 - 25) from Methodist GB, 

"The Church needs to be less wise and more foolish." What might a foolish Church say and do? 

ACCEPTING LIFE AS IT IS (rather than how you would like it to be) - A thought-provoking reflection from Mindful Christianity Today. (Approx 5 minute read)

PRAYING IN THE NIGHT - A meditation based on Mark Ch. 1 v 35 - 39  (Choose from 5, 10, 15 or 20 minute meditation. From Taketime Meditatiions)

COME AND SEE - A short reflection based on John 1 v 43-51 (The Bible Society)

HOPE - Grief Will Turn to Joy   (Taketime Meditations)

Video: HOW TO NOT WORRY(The Bible Society)


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